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Support Facebook app won't load comments

Just as the title states, the Facebook app will not load comments. An example is when I click on a picture that has comments then click on the comments button i just get a loading loop.

Anyone else have this problem or can recommend a fix?


#1 jbass350z, Sep 21, 2010
I think it has to do with the type of website mode ur in, if it is the mobile website it won't let you do it. only in the full website mode. that's what happened to me..... I have the htc hero btw.
#2 coladito1, Sep 22, 2010
the only way is if I go directly to the mobile site via the browser. It sucks,,,,i have the same issue as you and wish it would's been that way for a long time.
#3 inacoma, Sep 23, 2010
I have the same problem. It will work (not loop) when there are no comments or there is just one comment. However, if there are multiple comments, it will just loop. Annoying bug that should be fixed.
#4 johnvm914, Nov 1, 2010
I could never connect to FB when on wifi. Had to turn off wifi to get comments to load.

Uninstalled the FB app and started browsing to mobile site to post my comments, which works fine on both wifi or 3g.

I do a lot of browsing with Opera Mini as it is a lot faster to load webpages in Opera Mini than in Dolphin HD. Only time I use Dolphin is if I know the site has videos I want to watch. If I'm just reading and posting, Opera Mini is my default browser.
#5 BookLover, Nov 1, 2010
i'm still waiting for the app to catch up to the iPhone app, or even the BB app was good.
#6 ekyle, Nov 1, 2010