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Support Does Galaxy S3 support 5GHz Wifi?

I think the title says it all!

I have a new router which supports 5GHz, and have some contention on 2.4. I can connect my laptop via 5GHz, but do not know if my S3 will support this Wifi. Anyone know, before I have to fiddle about and experiment?



#1 rattlingroger, Sep 19, 2013
Hi, my router is dual band and I can connect my phone on both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz, I just select whichever band I want to use and enter my password. Phil
#2 philayl, Sep 19, 2013
Many thanks - that's all I need to know (assuming your phone is a Galaxy S3!).
#3 rattlingroger, Sep 19, 2013
Where on my s3 can I see the wifi standard it uses. I.e. 802.11ac or a/b/g..
#4 Drunder40, Sep 19, 2013
Phil, where do I go to select the 5ghz band? I looked at the wifi settings on my S3 and I am connected no way of knowing what band 2 or 5 ghz. I use the wifi analyzer app and it shows both the 2ghz (channel 8 2447mhz) and 5ghz (channe 149 5745mhz) channels for my ssid.

I have a linksys EA6400 router.

Where did you go in your S3 where you could choose the band to connect to?

Anyone else feel free to answer .. any info would be greatly appreciated
#5 Drunder40, Sep 19, 2013
If you can rename the 5ghz band that might make it easier.
#6 tensazan, Sep 19, 2013
Not sure what you mean. Nowhere on my S3 does it actually show the 2 and 5ghz bands. I can see is the SSID and the passphrase authentication box but not the actual channel with the frequency.

I am trying to find on my S3 where to actually see the two bands so I can select the 5ghz band and login/authenticate like Philayl did.

I was not aware the S3 actually even supported the 802.11ac draft Wifi standard. No where in the firmware update notes does it say they were updating that but if Philayl was able to do it then the S3 must support the 802.11ac draft standard

any idea how to get to the part in the S3 that displays the 2 and 5ghz bands so I can select one and login to it..

I should mention I am using the SHC-I535 S3 (Verizon) phone if that matters.

#7 Drunder40, Sep 20, 2013
Sorry, I was pretty tired when I wrote that, and left out a bit.

What I meant to say is you may have to log into your router (if possible) and rename the 5ghz band (even if it's just adding a number to the end of the ssid)
#8 tensazan, Sep 20, 2013
Check your Wifi router. On the EA6400 you can give the 2 and 5ghz bands different names (Wifi1, Wifi2). Have the phone connect to the one you prefer.
#9 prmax, Sep 20, 2013
I appreciate the replies but I don't think you all completely understand. Changing the name in the router will not change the fact that on my S3, no where does it show the 2ghz or 5 ghz band so that would not do anything. I can see my SSID on my S3 in Wifi settings thats it. No where does it show any frequencies/channels.

Phil above said he was able to see both the 2ghz and 5ghz bands on his S3 and clicked the 5ghz band and then entered the passphrase and was connected to the 5ghz channel

I am trying to find out how he got to where his S3 shows both bands so I can connect to the 5ghz channel (149 in my case) like he did.

Mabe I am missing the area in WiFi settings that shows the channels but I'll be damned if I can find it.

Again thanks for the replies :)
#10 Drunder40, Sep 20, 2013
It would have one ssid for 5 and a different ssid for 2. Then you would know which band you are connecting to depending on which ssid you connect to.
#11 FishenFool, Sep 20, 2013
Hi, first of all please understand that whichever channel you choose makes no difference to the speed of the phone. As to where you will see the wi-fi signals displayed, if you go to "Settings", "Wi-Fi" it should have all available channels displayed, both your 2.4, and 5.0 Ghz should be there, if not select "Scan", just select which one you want to connect to from the list and enter your password. Phil
#12 philayl, Sep 20, 2013
Ok got it connected to the 5ghz channel. Did not realize the ssid was the frequency. I only saw the one linksys ssid because in the router both 2.4 and 5ghz channels were the same name.

I was under the impression the ssid was simply the name of the router and thats it.

Thanks again all for the help and patience with me :)
#13 Drunder40, Sep 20, 2013
No problem, glad to help. Phil
#14 philayl, Sep 20, 2013
This is not true. the difference in frequencies can and will have a big impact on your throughput (amount of data sent received in the same time frame)
2.4ghz is a longer range lower throughput channel, and 5ghz shorter range higher throughput channel, 5ghz band will struggle to pass through solid objects ie walls.. so if your in same room or above below router 5ghz will be much faster in general than 2.4ghz. But if your in a room divided by brick or stone walls 5ghz will suffer quite badly. there are no devices on the market that can use both frequency's at the same time, your on 1 or the other as you choose, even if you connected your phone to both channels it would pick the 1st one it identified, most likely 5ghz 1st (due to aforementioned throughput) and as you went out of range it could then re scan and log you onto the 2.4ghz band. But you would need to reach the very limit of your routers range b4 it would change, causing major slowdown.

the oporational frequency is completely separate to the wifi draft ie a/b/g/n these letters simply determine the wifi link speed not frequency.

ssid = service set identifier. the numbers have nothing to do with frequency at all. There just a unique identity marker so u can differentiate between the many wifi signals in your area. much like your house number or ip address.
#15 acidxburn, Jan 5, 2014
wow! welcome to the forum...sounds like we have another knowlegeable person to help us with our various problems...the more the better.

#16 javamann, Jan 6, 2014
Something like this 'Wifi Analyzer' app is pretty useful in scanning whatever wifi networks are within range of your phone and giving you info in either a table or graphs.
#17 svim, Jan 6, 2014
Yes, the GS3 supports dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. For those of you that have dual band routers make sure that you label the 2.4 and 5GHz SSID's differently. Most of the time the router will do this such as NETGEAR31_2.4GHz or NETGEAR31_5G. 2.4Ghz is more of a robust frequency with less throughput but better penetration compared to 5GHz which is a more fragile frequency with more throughput. The only problem with 2.4GHz is interference with wireless home phones, other neighboring routers, wireless headsets, etc. The best way to combat interference is finding a channel (usually channel 7) that isn't used much. Honestly I don't know why anyone would use 5GHz bands unless you have a 100Mbps internet connection or a bunch of wireless devices sharing the same 2.4GHz frequency, which still wouldn't help if you are constrained on bandwidth.
#18 jmatherly411, Jan 6, 2014
Again not compleatly true, so I feel I must give my 2 cents worth. Lol

U could have 1000000000000000Mbs internet speed. And as long as the draft supported it it would also work on 2.4Ghz.
It would still suffer the same issues as 1Mbs internet.
The main thing to remember in this case (discussing frequencys) is what works best for the individual. 2.4 & 5Ghz have positives and negatives. But in general where possible 5Ghz will give you a snappier connection at whatever speed you have. But will suffer range. U can set some routers to 5Ghz mode
And decrease the link speed manually to give added signal strength.(range) if your in a cluterd signal area.
My advise. If your close enough to use 5Ghz do it. Run some speedtests and determin which is best for your devises and location.

(P.s thanks for the welcome)
#19 acidxburn, Jan 12, 2014
I don't think all dual band routers allow giving each band a different SSID.
#20 HighSierra, Jan 12, 2014
Some may not allow manual adjustment (altho very unlikley) But each frequency WILL have its own ssid.
And most will have both ssid's printed on the router itself somewhere.
The passphrase will be the same for both..
#21 acidxburn, Jan 19, 2014
Why would a router have ssids printed on the router. ssiids are set by the user.
#22 HighSierra, Jan 22, 2014
Most manufactures use a default SSID for the wireless side of things and then the user would need to change if he/she so desires. Some people just buy a wireless router, hook it up, and forget about it and don't care what the SSID is.
#23 jmatherly411, Jan 22, 2014
Hi, please help me with a related issue. My service provider came to upgrade my 2.4GHz router to a dual band. He copied my set up from the old router to the new router. Fortunately my S3 can detect the new SSID which is my old SSID with -5ghz behind. But my Samsung Tab GT-P5113 cannot detect an SSID with 2.4GHz behind. I tried to enter the SSID and Password for the 2.4GHz band from the router sticker, but still couldn't find it. Any suggestion? Could the 'copying' of the old setup disrupt anything? Thank you.
#24 hauwquek, Sep 20, 2014
All in all a cumbersome stories..... but still not clear how to determine / connect to a specific frequency (2.4 or 5Ghz) band on my Samsung S3. (without renaming the channels to ...5ghz and ...2.4ghz). I know Wifi Analyzer can show some info but this is all display information no connection possibilities within in.
#25 m_groen, Mar 16, 2015