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I've had my 6P for almost a year now, it works perfectly, however I haven't done physical change to it. Am wondering if there's anything that can be done to enhance the overall experience of the phone as in UI or Software features.


#1 koolryck, Dec 7, 2017
There are a huge number of alternative launcher apps that you can install to change up the look and feel.
#2 codesplice, Dec 7, 2017
#3 koolryck, Dec 8, 2017
And once you install a new launcher you can change the icons (lots of icon packs out there). Widgets, don't forget the widgets! And something like Zooper, so much fun to be had :D
#4 Clementine_3, Dec 8, 2017
Several options if you consider rooting the phone.
#5 quickaudi, Dec 9, 2017
Rooting isn't a bad idea. Tell me more, how do I go about rooting it.
#6 koolryck, Dec 11, 2017
I wouldn't root unless you have a specific goal. You haven't really given us information about what sort of customization you're seeking. You can customize quite a few things without having to tamper with your phone's OS.
#7 codesplice, Dec 11, 2017
Well I wanna change the phone UI experience, full app icon reconfigure, just a overall change of the phones feel and look.
#8 koolryck, Dec 11, 2017
I have an Essential now but have gone through my share of phones and have never rooted one. Here's what my home screen looks like.
It has, from top to bottom:
--UI tuner enabled in settings, I only have the time shown in the status bar (right)
--Signal Notification app showing dBm instead of the bar cell signal (left). The lightning bolt is Tasker
--Weather Underground widget (I wish it was completely transparent)

--Calengoo calendar widget
--Make Your Own Clock widget shows the date, battery level and time
--starkeDEV outcast icons in the dock (and throughout)
--Nova Launcher prime is holding it all together

There are plenty of apps out there, shake it up!
#9 Clementine_3, Dec 11, 2017 Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
Here's another screen so you can see more icons and the Power Amp (super good) widget.
#10 Clementine_3, Dec 11, 2017
You keep saying "overall change" but I still have no idea what that means. As mentioned above, you can load a third-party launcher application and an icon pack to completely change the main UI of the phone. And you can use third-party widgets to add different looks and functionality to your home screen as well.

If you want to take it a bit further, you can also use Andromeda + Substratum to overhaul the theme (colors, layouts, icons) used throughout the phone.

You can do all that without root.
#11 codesplice, Dec 11, 2017
Ok thank you
#12 koolryck, Dec 11, 2017
all of these are great suggestions
#13 TheToddDroid, Dec 11, 2017
FWIW, I never found rooting the 6P to be particularly difficult...but assuming you haven't already unlocked the bootloader (which seems likely), you would have to do a data reset along the way.

I root because I'm addicted to Titanium Backup myself, but if you just want to change the UI, I agree with the others that rooting may not be your best option.

It should be noted that rooting will make installing OTA updates more exciting.
#14 doniago, Dec 12, 2017
MacroDroid and Tasker can be a "fun" way to customize your phone. Folks always smile when my phone tells me hello, when ever I wake it up.
Also great to automate things on your phone.
#15 PitCarver, Dec 12, 2017