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Support Can you lock the ring volume?

I always accidentally squeeze the volume button when trying to depress the on/off button on the top of my phone to lock it/put it to sleep (one handed). Is there a way to lock the volume? I miss a ton of calls because I've inadvertantly turned the volume way down. Any hints, tips, tricks?


#1 ChristineO, Nov 21, 2011
There's an app for that ;) It's called "Volume Locker" and it's in the market. Should be exactly what you're looking for.
#2 ganj_420, Nov 21, 2011
Awesome - thank you!!!
#4 ChristineO, Nov 22, 2011
Are there any lockscreen replacement apps that will allow you to change the ringer volume (silent, vibrate, full volume) through the lockscreen?
Free would be nice, but paid is fine if it more than decent.
Thanks y'all!
#5 blackepoxy, Nov 24, 2011
I have volume locker and it doesn't help. Cuz it still allows the volume to change for 5 seconds before it goes back to normal.

Maybe if there was a program that made you type a password when you used the volume buttons so it would stick at that level. And if no password was entered it wouldn't change.
#6 0078265317, Mar 7, 2012