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General Boost Mobile and Visual Voicemail

The rush comes with working visual voicemail, though I'm not sure it will work on the prevail, I'm going to my brothers tomorrow. I'll try to remember to test it. (I would try it on mine, but without service there is no telling if it will work correctly. If I don't reply to this by this time tomorrow, feel free to bump the thread to help remind me, or send me a pm :)
#2 Lordvincent 90, May 8, 2013
BUMP! lol
#3 wetbiker7, May 13, 2013
Bump! Lol
#4 firefighterwhi, May 13, 2013
I'm on it. Lol. We are on our way to Massachusetts. I'll play with it tonight. :p:p

I did forget too :facepalm:
#5 Lordvincent 90, May 13, 2013
I posted the .apk before (from SGS2), I was told it didn't work.
#6 kevincott, May 13, 2013
I remember. I was the one who tried it. :) i just didn't know it was from boost

Won't stop me from trying again tho :p
#7 Lordvincent 90, May 13, 2013
Just thought, I think the VVM I posted was from Boost ICS ...

I wonder if I loaded GB onto my SGS2 then extracted the VVM.apk; XDA has the old Sprint SGS2 GB ROMs. Any thoughts?

edit: just checked and Sprint EL29 is GB 2.3.6, will DL and give a try.
#8 kevincott, May 13, 2013
Please give this a try, pulled with Titanium Backup.

Sprint GB 2.3.6

edit: If working VVM is similar to the texting interface, well somewhat similar.
#9 kevincott, May 13, 2013
Well i tried the one from the rush, same problem as before. It says provisioning complete but just sends a text with a url and a bunch of random numbers/letters. My brother ran to the store, but I'll try the one you posted shortly.

One thing i noted was when I switched to the rush i had to completely resetup my voicemail. Maybe the newer phones connect to a different vm server?
(or whatever you would call it)

Edit- this was the message
Code (Text):
  1. //ANDROID:[email protected] has sent you a Sprint Voice Message. Call ${callbackno} MMSN,c723d3ad1cf,3e46,V67aZnOVil7//CM
#10 Lordvincent 90, May 14, 2013
Maybe, but wasn't the Sprint Epic 4g Touch out before the Prevail?

Spring where the Prevail came out around June/July?
#11 kevincott, May 14, 2013
You may very well be right about that. But as far as testing the one you posted, I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow. Brother went to bed... :rolleyes::thumbdown:
#12 Lordvincent 90, May 14, 2013
Ill wait to see ur results LordV90, but after that Ill fire up, my own Prevail and start a testing run.

I doubt the transfer of VVM (or Boost would include already) but a fun project.

Any better way to extract an .apk than Titanium Bakup?
#13 kevincott, May 14, 2013
Copy it with a root explorer or use 'root uninstaller' and 'back it up' it will be stored in /sdcard/root uninstaller/backup/ with the second option
#14 Lordvincent 90, May 14, 2013