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Tips Bluetooth Range Extender, Booster or repeater?

I recently got a WiFi range extender that works like a charm. I was hoping something like that exists for Bluetooth.
#2 SHIVA77, Apr 1, 2013
Not that I am aware of, but if you do find such a specimen, report back. ;)
#3 DonB, Apr 1, 2013
I've never really thought about trying to extend my bluetooth range until you started this thread today. So, I did a quick google search and found these:

I've never heard of this app store before, but it's up to you if you want to risk trying it out:

All the other links that I briefly went through seem to be for PC, Mac, or non-mobile phone devices.

Project #015 - Bluetooth Dongle - Range Extender
How to Extend Your Bluetooth Range |

Just not sure how or if it's possible to adapt the concepts that are mentioned for non-mobile devices, to a cell phone or tablet.
#4 drexappeal, Apr 1, 2013
hi, that app has expired and apparently never worked.

we are on class 2, 30 feet range Bluetooth, apps can't resolve this, but a converter to class 1 can, but haven't seen one that would work for mobile.
#5 SHIVA77, Apr 1, 2013
Search for bluetooth repeater
#6 phonedroid, Apr 3, 2013
Sorry, just curious as to why you want to extend Bluetooth?
#7 NeoGrandizer, Apr 3, 2013
isn't it obvious, just to be able walk a little further from my phone when at home. although they claim 30 feet range, mine gets staticky at around 20 feet.

just did, nothing for mobile or links that are old and products that don't exist.
#8 SHIVA77, Apr 4, 2013

Try another headset...they are not all created equal.

FWIW, I have the Bose BT2 (self-proclaimed audiophile who generally dislikes Bose products, but it was a gift...and has very good noise cancellation and clarity for the other person) and I am able to leave my phone in my bedroom on the 2nd floor, back of townhouse, and still have a clear connection in the basement, at the front of my house.

In comparison, I also have the Jaybird Freedom Sprints, and they recommend having the phone/mp3 player on the same side of the body as the "right-earpiece" (with the volume controls), or the reception will suffer. Range from my phone is also markedly less than the Bose, by 6-8ft or so, depending on which earpiece is facing the phone.
#9 colnago, Apr 4, 2013
I have my Note II on my desk at my home office, I walk into the kitchen which is about 20 feet or so away and it gets staticky. forget about waking to the front door, I'll lose signal. I use Voyager Pro +, have two and both behave the same.
also I find the Bluetooth volume on Samsungs to be way too low, compare to my former HTC.
#10 SHIVA77, Apr 4, 2013
Fair enough...but neither of your Voyager Pro+ are the Bose, nor any other model which may perform better (e.g. Motorola S11).

If that solution is not working for you, there's always the antenna route:


...or see if you can improve the OEM. I had good results with a home made CDMA antenna for my Droid 1 on Verizon:

#11 colnago, Apr 4, 2013
Now that we know you want to extend the range of a cordless headset there is another option that avoids the bluetooth issues. Research cordless headsets that would normally be attached to a conventional phone and typically used in offices. The last time I researched these they were pricey but things may have changed. You might need an adapter so that the cordless headset base station can be plugged into a smart phone audio connector. You won't be the first wanting this kind of solution so there's likely to be something out there.
#12 phonedroid, Apr 5, 2013
seems like a very complicated solution for just wanting to walk further away from phone without creating a special base station. it is possible that other BT headsets may work better further away. but I happen to have two Plantronics and am not planning to buy more BT headsets at this time. thanks for the feed back.
#13 SHIVA77, Apr 10, 2013
Based on what some very experienced and educated people are saying about the issue it seems that your options are limited. I know it can be frustrating when the answer we are looking for is not available. I hope that you can find a solution to your problem in the near future.
#14 YouGonaEatThat, Apr 11, 2013
I had good luck with using a strong bluetooth transmitter instead of built in Bluetooth
#15 crumpbiscuit, Jul 30, 2013
[QUyou TE="SHIVA77, post: 5724222, member: 803439"]seems like a very complicated solution for just wanting to walk further away from phone without creating a special base station. it is possible that other BT headsets may work better further away. but I happen to have two Plantronics and am not planning to buy more BT headsets at this time. thanks for the feed back.[/QUOTE]
Or you Could get a different head set.
I'm a truck driver I can leave my handset in my sleeper cab and still use my headset while at my 53' trailer backdoor. I have a blue parrot Xpress way. And an S4 . You also get great noise cancelation and 8h talk time and it runs about $90.
#16 Darkmalik88, Dec 12, 2014
so 3 years behind the times here.. bit I do have a solution for you
this has BT 3.0 and has a range of 900 yards line of sight.. but easily 100 yards + through multiple obstructions
I use the SMH-10 that I have built into my climbing helmet.. I am a Certified Arborist / Tree Climber and I can talk to my entire crew on a conference feature.

So this is my issue:
I have a note 4 and play Pandora music to a whole house / home stereo that I wired up myself.. I am using a Sherwood RX-4508 as my base unit, piped to a Pyle PSS6 (6 room). Yes I know that Sherwood isnt the cream-de'la-crem... but there has to be a way to open the thing up and solder in a stronger BT receiver... my signal is cut to FIFTEEN FEET at times which is unacceptable. I have speakers wired to the outside (and throughout the house), and I cant walk across the living room... my best hope would be to be able to walk 150 feet away, to the back of the back yard and play with the kids.. any thoughts?
Thanks ya'll....
#17 TrappersTree, Jan 30, 2016
My personal reason for wanting to extend the strength of my phones ( motox 2015 style/pure ) bluetooth signal is that I use a Deeper Bluetooth fish finder. I have already replaced cracked lcd and touch panel screen on this phone last week so I know where all the antenna connections are, is there no option except using a micro sma and leaving a wire hanging out? I have rebuilt about 10 androids screens ports etc phones and tablets, and added external antennas to a netgear router that fortunately had those same micro reverse smp connections. But in the router I could glue the end that screw the antenna on to the holes I cut in the router housing. What do I do with the phone? Just leave the big antenna plug side hanging? It's a strange bitch to glue and unglue the personalized backs of the new motos ( why did they do this? Especially on a factory unlocked phone? )so if I have to go in again...
Crap, any suggestions anyone I leave on.a fishing trip in one month. Currently my Deeper fish finder ( which is amazing) only works reliably out 30-40 feet, but reports from people with strong blutooths say 100 ft.
#18 tearlach2, May 16, 2016
Yep, looking for this too. Just want a device that acts like a wifi-repeater. Receives a signal, then repeats it, from two paired devices (in this case, a smart watch and phone, but the concept would apply to anyone needing approximately double their bluetooth range.) Their must be some technological reason such a thing doesn't exist as I'm sure many would find it quite useful.
#19 daneyuleb, Jun 25, 2016
Put the Bluetooth device in an empty Pringles can. It's called a cantenna. Can extend the range quite a bit, but is very directional.
#20 mikedt, Jun 25, 2016
It works! But the can keeps falling off my wrist.
#21 daneyuleb, Jun 26, 2016