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Best Car Charger for Pixel 2

I just got the Pixel 2 and now I need to upgrade all of my chargers to be compatible. First, I need a car charger. Does Google make something? What is your preferred Charger?


#1 Tacomann, Jan 10, 2018
No need to run out and replace all your chargers. Just find a USB c adapter.


Picked up a set for my wife's new Pixel 2.
#2 PitCarver, Jan 10, 2018

I did not even consider this! I love the idea thanks!
#3 Tacomann, Jan 10, 2018
Going along with the idea of an adapter, I am pretty sure that you get a USB adapter with the Pixel 2. Might as well just get a regular usb 2 to usb 2 and use the adaptor that came with the phone. I bet you have a few laying around the house
#4 PinkFrogDancer, Jan 12, 2018
Don't have any with 2 male ends.
Thought of that, we looked. But if you've got one, that'll work fine.
#5 PitCarver, Jan 12, 2018
Got her a Verizon car charger, which came in yesterday, which doesn't fit in the 12 volt port in her car. She says it's too loose.
Haven't got around to checking it, but should be able to adjust the contacts to tighten it up.
Just saying...
#6 PitCarver, Jan 12, 2018
Thanks guys this has been really helpful! I was able to find a few cables online that are cheap and compatible with my current charger. I found a Usb 2.0 to Usb 2.0 male to male 3 ft cable for around $1.70 online
#7 Tacomann, Jan 15, 2018 at 3:03 PM