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Support Background keeps changing randomly?

My phone decides, every now and again, to change the backgroud, it changes it to the same picture everytime, and I have looked for the picture repeatedly, but can not find it anywhere. Is there a way to find out what file is being used as the background? If so how?


#1 Instant, Mar 14, 2011
Still need help.
#2 Instant, Mar 24, 2011
I am also having the same problem. Driving me mad..

I have heard some people doing a phone reset to fix this but seems a bit drastic

#3 locutu5, Jun 11, 2011
Hi Guys,

I too had the same problem with the wallpaper changing automatically.
Drove me crazy! Not to mention drained my battery quickly. :(

From what i can recall, the last couple of setting changes i had made were:-
1) Enabled Live wallpapers.
2) Enabled All animations.

This is what i did to fix the problem.

Go to Settings -> Display -> Animation
Set this to "No Animation" and apply.

Exit back to home page and confirm the above settings are still set to no animation.

Next, restart your phone.

Once restarted, from home screen click on the bottom left button, then select "Wallpaper". Now choose a wallpaper that is NOT a live wallpaper.

Once my new wallpaper has been set, i went back into display settings, and enabled "some animations".

Been working fine all day now.

Hope it works for you too.
#4 radrob77, Sep 27, 2011
I'm assuming it is the default wallpaper... If you install a File Manager of some sort, such as Astro File Manager, you can browse for it...


When you click on the .APK file, be sure to select Browse File...

If that isn't the file, then I would suspect a rouge app of some sort...
#5 icecold, Sep 27, 2011
Does this mean that i can't enable the live wallpaper again?

It's been happening to me for a few weeks now, and i've no idea why. I've also noticed the images that it shows are not ones that i can find anywhere in my phone too.

Anyone know why this is happening?


Gareth - UK Desire HD

#6 gareth1125, Oct 17, 2011
Same problem with my phone GT-S5570 I can't put on live wallpapers.......after reboot it goes back to scenic wallpaper that came with the phone............anyone some sort of help would be appreciated....thnx
#7 wasay911, Oct 19, 2011
No one got any ideas yet? I'm wondering if it was an app or something with some mini virus or something in it?

#8 gareth1125, Oct 26, 2011
Okay I am new to this but I just wanted to see if this helps my wallpaper was changing back ever time I turn the tablet off and on the live wallpaper was on a sd card moved it back to the internal drive and now it stay on the one I had it on may be because your wallpaper in on sd card ? Like I said at the start I am new to this android stuff I am a Linux Mint fan
#9 New bie, Jan 18, 2015
This has been happening to me, I knew where the photos were coming from but not how to stop it.... My wallpaper was changing to photos from the GoPro app.... I decided to fumble through the GoPro app settings and found this.... this had been added to one of the new updates and is on by defualt... I hope this helps someone else.
#10 AlexSauter, Mar 14, 2015
Well I thought it was helping but I cannot find that screen or anything similar on my phone (S4 mini) so I switched everything similar in GoPro SMS but it still happens, I am going crazy.
#11 EnglishWolfHound, Jul 13, 2015
This has been happening to me too. I have a galaxy note 3 and frequently when I go to turn my phone on in the morning the background has reverted to generic blank blue screen. Sometimes apps or widgets have been removed from my home screen.
Yesterday I noticed my personal folders in my apps have been emptied. All the apps are still there (as far as I know) they're just no longer in the folders.
I'm getting really frustrated and I was hoping someone had discovered some solution. I have not made any changes to my phone that I'm aware of in the last week or so it's been happening.
#12 Pandagirl, Nov 2, 2015
I will try to link the thread but in another forum a few users tracked this down to being caused when Facebook updates. One user reinstalled FB with some success. I haven't tried it yet.
#13 noles9399, Nov 12, 2015
I have disappearing wallpaper problems too. I have several live wallpapers that I like to rotate, but during this week, I open up my Samsung Tab S 10.5, only to be met by a blue patterned screen.
I set the live wallpaper again and after the screen has timed out - I'm back to that same blasted blue screen.
No! I don't have an advanced task killer! - and I haven't installed any new apps, just updated existing apps when prompted by GooglePlay.
Two weeks ago, my Tablet updated to Android 5.2
Also I have been receiving an icon saying that there is App optimization going on. Can this be the problem? It's driving me nuts, I feel I'm not in control of my own Tablet.
#14 Dejasview, Nov 19, 2015
#15 Dejasview, Dec 3, 2015