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ARM Cortex A9 Android TV box stuck on Android logo

So I am in possession of an Android 4.0 OS Internet ARM Cortex A9 3D HDMI Full HD 1080P TV Box Media Player. It's actually this one ht tp:/ /hz00.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/721/782/488/488782721_016.jpg

This device has no reset hole at the back. The player will not boot. Whenever I turn it on it just shows the Android logo and nothing happens. The blue light doesn't blink, and nothing is responsive. I've tried leaving it on for hours and hours and turned it off and on many times, but it will never go past the Android logo. It has been like this from the beginning.

Is there any way I can get this device unstuck or reinstall it? I've read the firmware upgrade has to be done from within a menu on the device, so this is impossible for me.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


#1 HentaiGami, Apr 4, 2013
Buy a good one! many aliexpress, alibaba sellers are selling troublesome boxes. even they are using same chipset as good android tv box like Geniatech, linx, pivos. but software and rom are really unstable.
#2 Dual_HD, Apr 5, 2013
Need more info about the box.

1. Make/manufacturer
2. ROM it came with 4.0.4 etc.
3. Model RAM i.e. 512MB or 1GB
4. Exact chipset and processor description

As the first reply says, there are several brands being marketed with the ARM Cortex A9 chip in the boxes we need to know which one as each have slightly different ROMs. However, pretty much all of them have their origin in the Geniatech equivalent as they are the main manufacturer of all boxes except those based on Rockchips. So you might find your box xyz brand is actually a Geniatech M1 or M3 based box.

The Geniatech based boxes can also have a reset hole at the bottom of the box, which you need to press something like a paper clip into (until it clicks) and hold in position whilst you plug the power cable into the box then it should start the recovery. Usually you would download the latest firmware for your box, which comes in a .zip file that you extract and then rename the .img file found in the unzipped folder and rename it to update.img. Put this file on a USB stick (formatted in FAT32) and insert it prior to putting the box into recovery. When discovered follow the onscreen instructions.
#3 heat57, Apr 5, 2013
I understand this info would come in handy but there is no name or mark on it. It just says "android tv box". It's the same as in the picture. I don't know which android version it has since it never booted. The ad said "Android 4.0 OS Internet ARM Cortex A9 3D HDMI Full HD 1080P TV Box Media Player". I've searched the device all over but can't find any reset hole where a paperclip would fit.
#4 HentaiGami, Apr 5, 2013
So I've opened the device up. On the chipset it says "A9- REV1.3 2012-04-10". On the motherboard it says "HD18 REV1.0". Hope this helps.
#5 HentaiGami, Apr 5, 2013

I think this can be useful info for you. Don't know who is manufacturer, but seems you have really old version of f16ref device mentioned on j1nx's site...
#6 stane1983, Apr 6, 2013
I have exactly the same issue, have you worked out how to resolve it yet? If I ever get mine working I will post up how, it is so frustrating.
#7 Lawlost, Apr 18, 2013
Nope :( Still the same.
#8 HentaiGami, Apr 21, 2013
THIS. ^^^^^^^

Consider the cheap Chinese knock-offs disposable. :D (You get what you pay for.)

Look at all the posts with no replies in this forum where people have no-name junk that won't boot.
#9 colchiro, Apr 21, 2013
Opened my one up and found the reset button, not that it has helped so far, pressed in whilst powered up no change. Held the reset button whilst powering up still no difference. Anyone able to help :thinking:
#10 Lawlost, Apr 21, 2013
Hentai think I have figured this out and got mine working this evening. I have been powering mine via the mini usb as it came with a European power plug. I live in the UK and could not use it. Today I bought from poundland a socket converter for those visiting the uk. The power supply plugged into the converter I plugged it in and the device booted up :D

Really hope this helps
#11 Lawlost, Apr 23, 2013
Nope... I've been using a normal power cable since the start :( Thanks for the reply though, and good luck with your device :)
#12 HentaiGami, Apr 24, 2013
Darn really thought yours might have had the same issue :thinking:
#13 Lawlost, Apr 24, 2013
I had the same issue with my TV box(with logo MX on top). The reset button is inside the AV connector on my box. I powered the box on while holding a pin inside the AV connector. In the recovery menu I chose for wipe data with factory reset. Rebooted, issue solved...
#14 blutch, Apr 25, 2013
So I have the perfect solution. I bought a Raspberry PI, installed it with Raspbmc and it works like a charm. This A9 android box will be smashed against the wall, which is the best use I can make of it I think.
#15 HentaiGami, May 2, 2013
Coworker brought in one of these knockoff boxes for me to take a look at that will not boot. Opened it up and the board is labeled as "HD18 v2.2" Hardware specs and board layout are an exact match for the Midnight MX2.

I can get into recovery via the switch on the board but even wiping to factory defaults does not work and selecting reboot in recovery causes it to hang permanently. I also cannot connect to it via ADB over network.

Any ideas?
#16 Mike8519, May 23, 2013
Guys any luck on this? I too have the same problem.

When i put (something like) an toothpick into the AV port, i get into the recovery menu.
But wipe data/cache and select factory default doesn't help...
#17 moergie, May 30, 2013
mine is a 4.2.1 an im having the same problem?
#18 craigm, Aug 21, 2013
Just go to XDA forum and check this post, download the Matricom image and you are set. Its for HD 18 v2.21 (Generic MX tv box 1gb / 8gb, also known as g18ref box or mx2ref box or an android TV Box or a generic MX Droid TV etc.

The image is ROOTED and flashing it UNBRICKS a device in case it is bricked.


replace ; with :
replace , with .

Can't post links yet.
#19 Animal_King, Sep 12, 2013
Did you get anywhere with this. I am in the same situation and have no way of resetting or getting into recovery mode.

Any ideas?
#20 InsuranceLiable, May 1, 2014
Did u fix it u have to do a firmware update if u didnt fix it by now ill repost a link to do it
#21 lowboi87, May 4, 2014
I had a similar issue with another tv box I bought at dx (Tayun Android 4.2 Dual Core Google TV Box).

I played with some developer settings and then the box stopped booting (got stuck in the andriod logo image).

To my frustration it had no reset button.

In the end I found that I could boot it into safe mode using an USB wireless keyboard with volume options. Press and hold volume up button during boot is apparently the standard to enter in safe mode for most android tablets.

In my case, the volume up command is get by pressing Fn + F2. So I pressed and hold Fn + F2 during boot and bingo!, the device boots into safe mode correctly. I then undo the setting causing the problem and the device now boots perfectly.

Please note this did not worked with the remote control that comes with the box (only with the keyboard). Apparently the drivers for that device gets loaded somewhat later in the boot process.

I guess safe mode may do the trick for you, but I suspect something similar could be done to put the device into recovery mode also.
#22 Leandrogoe, May 7, 2014
I bought one if these mx boxes about 6 months ago, didn't get past turning it on due to the remote not working. Bought a minix x7 2 weeks ago so this shite mx box is going in the bin.
#23 mrrod, Jun 2, 2014
I had problems also, however since a new firmware release it has been rock solid. Hasn't froze or failed to boot it's dated 29 May 2014. Had to do some searching but its quite easy to install once in recovery.

I just extracted and copied just the zip file to usb, booted into recovery, factory reset and flashed at last the box it should be.
Removed link better find it yourselves,
#24 james1089, Jun 17, 2014
Please post a link.... I've googled so much my fingertips are actually aching :'(
#25 napster100, Aug 13, 2014