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App to help monitor phone CPU

Hello, I am looking for a good CPU monitoring app on the phone. Sometimes the touch screen lags when I scroll it around, so I am looking for a decent app that can help detect whatever is making it lag.

I have tried the app Watchdog lite, but it doesnt seem to work correctly on my phone.

So any suggestions?


#1 ksinley, Jan 13, 2018
Android version are you using?

... Thom
#2 Thom, Jan 13, 2018
'Trepn Profiler' is a nice way to have various floating windows show on your screen detailing different hardware aspects like CPU load, GPU load, network throughput, etc.
It's pretty annoying to have running all the time but when you're trying to do some basic benchmarking it's very handy.
#3 svim, Jan 13, 2018
Im using android 7.0

So far i am using trepn but im not sure if this is what i need as i need to figure our which apps are causing the screen to lag at times
#4 ksinley, Jan 16, 2018 at 3:50 AM
The first step in solving a "lagging" problem is to do a Wipe Cache Partition. This will delete all temporary data without touching permanent data or installed apps. If you have a really old game you might delete the progress information..

The issue is that it can become fragmented over time and when an app needs some space the system has to rearrange some records to make sufficient space to meet the new need. This is where the CPU time goes.

... Thom
#5 Thom, Jan 16, 2018 at 7:33 AM