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General Andoid Installing new app creates new page where shortcut is placed

Hello everyone I hope somebody can help me with my problem

I have a Android 7.0 on my Samsung Galaxy S7

When I install a new app the shortcut should appear on my home screen, as set in the google play settings. But it doesn´t!

My home screen is centered in the middle. It has this small "house" symbol. As shown below.

But my Android is adding the shortcut on a new page on the very right side. As marked in red!
When I install another app, then this shortcut will also be added to the same new page... (andoid is not opening a fifth page!

so somehow it's thinks that there's no home page / start page existing? I don't know...

I just repeat: I don't want to deactivate the Google Play function that there will be added a shortcut to the home page. But it should not be created on the new page but to the existing home page.

Best regards


#1 Flor, Jan 12, 2018
Can you manually add an icon to your home page, or move the new one to it?

The last time I used Samsung's Touchwiz Home launcher it had this annoying thing where it reserved part of the screen for widgets and part for app launchers. If yours is like that then it might have less space on your home page than you think (or if the widget I can see is really larger than it appears, i.e. some of the space is reserved by that widget). If there is no space on the home screen then creating a new page is what I'd expect, so seeing whether you can move the icon there manually is one way of checking.
#2 Hadron, Jan 12, 2018
Even my Nexus 6 did that - it would not populate the main screen, but create icons for installed apps on a new page.

2 fixes:

1) Move it back to the main screen if you want to - empty pages disappear as soon as you move the last icon off them.

2) Do like I do - go into Google Play and uncheck the setting to create desktop icons in the first place. - but you said you don't want to do this, so....
#3 johnlgalt, Jan 12, 2018
FWIW my Oppo doesn't do that, it puts newly installed icon apps in the next available space, and only creates a new launcher page if there's no available space.
#4 mikedt, Jan 12, 2018
Hi all :)
thanks for trying to help.

@haron: I have doublechecked. There is definitly enough space on my home screen.
@johnlgalt: I have done this. But i´m not satisfied with this workaround.
@mikedt: That is how it should be, i guess. And i´m used to it, too. But now there is curious behavior.
#5 Flor, Jan 13, 2018
I don't know whether a different launcher would make a difference? It's the launcher that provides and controls the homescreen, so I would think it might.
#6 Hadron, Jan 13, 2018
It's definitely a launcher issue.
Use Nova launcher and you'll be fine
#7 Dannydet, Jan 13, 2018