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General After Marshmallow, "this folder is empty"

Samsung Galaxy S5 phone connected to Windows 10 by USB has always been recognized and I've been able to see the phone's file structure using the computer's file explorer - so I can drag & drop files from computer to phone, and so forth. Phone was upgraded to Marshmallow on July 4. Now the computer's file explorer shows phone is connected but I can't see the file structure of the phone when using the computer. I get the message "this folder is empty".

Phone is unlocked. USB debugging is enabled. Cache is cleared. On the phone itself, all files and folders are visible and usable, as they were before.

How can I regain visibility of phone's file structure, when using computer?


#1 bill hansen, Jul 8, 2016
After two trips to a Verizon store and two phone calls to Verizon tech support, here's the solution to the "this file is empty" problem Marshmallow changes a couple of important settings in the Developer Options of the phone.

On the phone, go to Settings/Developer Options/USB debugging. Re-enable USB debugging, which is turned off by Marshmallow.

Again in Settings/Developer Options, scroll to Networking and click (tap) on USB configuration, then make sure MTP (media transfer mode) is selected.

That solved the problem for my phone. Others have had this problem. I hope this helps them.

Bill Hansen
#2 bill hansen, Jul 9, 2016
life saver! Thank you!!! worked for me as well.
#3 Zorm, Oct 4, 2016