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General Able to swap default emoji gender?

I recently got the Pixel 2 and used emoji for the first time recently. It's great that Google decided to create a much more inclusive set of emoji for men and women; I imagine that's very appreciated by many!

As I've been typing, I've found it mildly annoying to continue to long-press on emojis featuring people to change it to the male character. I do so because I identify as a man and prefer using an emoji which best reflects my gender.

Is there an option anywhere to swap which gender is viewed by default?



#1 redcomputer, Jan 12, 2018
I.... I didn't even realize that you could long press to change them. Thanks for that tip!

But no, I've not seen an option anywhere for defining your emoji preferences (gender and/or skin tone).
#2 codesplice, Jan 12, 2018
I don't think so.

Many emoji are effectively asexual, especially the yellow smilies. And if you send or someone sends you an emoji of a male waving or female waving, that's what's seen.

Some emoji do specifically show a gender...
#3 mikedt, Jan 12, 2018
Yep, no issues with the yellow smiles and such. I was specifically referring to the gendered emojis.

I know it's a very minor annoyance, but this would be a nice feature to have nonetheless.
#4 redcomputer, Jan 12, 2018
Be sure to use Settings > System > About phone > Send feedback about this device to submit a feature request to Google. :thumbsupdroid:
#5 codesplice, Jan 13, 2018
Done. :)
#6 redcomputer, Jan 13, 2018