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Grabbed it a little while ago. Seems Samsung is not happy about people going into the recovery mode..

The first image is what appears almost straight away from booting into recovery and the 2nd image is what you see if you carry on. Sadly I've not been able to get past this screen into the recovery options to clear my cache.

IMG_20180111_212924.jpg IMG_20180111_213443.jpg

Any ideas?


#2 JAy3001, Jan 11, 2018
That's download mode, getting to recovery is Bixby and Volume Up, but Download Mode is Bixby and Volume down.

Or have things changed? How are you accessing download mode?
#3 El Presidente, Jan 13, 2018
Ah, of course.. thanks El Presidente. :cool:
#4 JAy3001, Jan 13, 2018