Todoist 12.5.2 for Android - Download

Todoist 12.5.2 for Android - Download

A comprehensive task manager for Android


Todoist is a personal task manager to help you stay on top of all your commitments and obligations. With Todoist, you'll never forget an appointment or task again.

The first thing to do after installing Todoist on your Android is log in to your account or register. That done, you can sync all your tasks across all the devices and platforms on which you've also installed Todoist.

The app includes lots of tools for organizing your reminders: deadlines, recurring deadlines, subtasks, priorities, subprojects, and color coding. With all these options, you can get an idea of everything you have to do with just a glance at the screen.

With Todoist, you can also share projects over the Internet with other users. Just choose which tasks you want to share, and then they can then be modified by any of the participating users.

Thanks to its integration with Dropbox and G-Drive, you can also easily add files to your tasks. Just select them from the task itself to attach them in seconds.

Todoist is an excellent task-management tool to help you keep your appointments, commitments, and everything else under control.

Todoist 12.5.2 for Android - Download

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