Skype Lite for Android - Download

Skype Lite for Android - Download

A featherweight version of Skype


Skype Lite is a much less hefty version of the popular Microsoft app, which offers practically the same features as the original, but takes up less than half the space on your phone. This app was developed with India and neighboring countries in mind; so it performs very well even with limited Internet connections.

Users on Skype Lite will find new features to revamp this app, such as SMS text support and automatic syncing with your phone contacts. In addition, get to keep track of all your data usage. Also another new and very interesting feature is the possibility of using bots, thanks to which you'll become even more productive.

Aside from these new features, Skype Lite offers everything you would expect from an app bearing the Microsoft name. You'll find: IM capabilities, tools to easily send photo and videos, video calls, voice calls, and so on. Best of all, the only thing you need to gain access to any and all of these features is an active Microsoft account.

Skype Lite provides all the features offered through the original official Skype app while taking up half the memory space on your phone. That said, its most useful feature -by far- is the option to cap your data spending so you're always in the know on how much of your data is used.

Skype Lite for Android - Download

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